The Future of Digital Commerce

Monday, April 3rd
Room 201
11:30am – 12:30pm

Derrick Carpenter, SVP, Product, Portfolio & Integrated Payment Services Leader, Bank of America Merchant Services

Session Description

It would have been nearly impossible to predict how customer behavior has changed over the last decade. New technology is a catalyst for this disruption in payments and commerce, thus influencing consumers’ relationships with brands.

Whether it’s in the store or online, the moment of truth for payments happens at the point-of-sale, all supported by a complex ecosystem of acquirers, issuers, networks, gateways, POS hardware and software providers. With mobile technology as a catalyst and startups disrupting the status quo, POS vendors and processors are moving from closed, monolithic and batch to open, distributed and real-time.

This session will explore how the providers of the core infrastructures of payments are delivering compelling new value-added services for merchants and consumers while also leveraging new technologies to maintain the trust and security customers expect and demand.