Best Practices on Mitigating Financial Risks in Restrictive Jurisdictions

Tuesday, April 4th
10:30am – 11:45am
Intermediate – FP&A Renewal Credit

Don Banowetz, CTP, Regional Director of Sales, Cambridge Global Payments

Session Description

The era of global banking empires is near its end. For businesses dealing with exotic currencies in emerging markets, as well as for businesses exploring international expansion, understanding and mitigating the financial risks associated with the cost of doing business is more relevant than before. This presentation will provide an overview on the common financial challenges facing businesses in delivering funds in and out of emerging markets. Challenges will include traditional risks such as underdeveloped central banking systems, weak technical infrastructure, and government control over currency manipulation. New challenges that will be covered include the exit of global banks in the face of unpredictable currency fluctuation, and the cost-prohibitive demand of self-regulation.

Deliverability has sprung up as a major issue in the absence of big banks in these restrictive jurisdictions where remitting funds has become less reliable and more expensive for businesses. Best practices will discuss how to evaluate banks and market participants that still maintain presence in emerging markets, and the importance of fostering those partner relationships in order to move funds in emerging markets in deliverable fashion. From a hedging perspective, mitigating risks associated with volatility will also be discussed.

This presentation will be appropriate for businesses seeking knowledge on the difficulties of entering emerging markets and the best practices on managing financial risks against a backdrop of new and dynamic forces at work.