The Real Way Cyber Threats Affect You & How Cyber Insurance Can Help

Monday, April 3rd
Room 203
4:00pm – 5:00pm
Advanced – FP&A Renewal Credit

Jessica Daehler, Assistant Vice President, McGriff, Seibels & Williams
Mark Lopes, President, G2S Global

Session Description

Many business leaders are increasingly viewing cyber security as the threat that will define their generation. It can take just one incident, loss of sensitive IP or customer data, to disrupt or sabotage operations. Business leaders have realized the importance of shifting their risk orientation towards prevention to mitigate a security or data breach. This session will explore cyber threats and the unique poser of threat intelligence to protect your business, as well as Cyber-Risk Insurance, the breadth of coverage available in the market today, and how your organization can use these tools to better protect against cyber attacks.

The presentation’s goals are to:

  • Explore various cyber security tools available in the market place today including threat intelligence, cyber security assessments and cyber-risk insurance
  • Identify steps your company can take to address cyber security awareness and risk mitigation
  • Help you understand the cyber threats affecting companies today alongside how Cyber-Risk Insurance can help mitigate and transfer those risks