Toss the Paper: Electronify and Simplify

Tuesday, April 4th
1:45pm – 3:00pm

Ron Victor, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan
Kevin Weber, CTP, Sr. Treasury Manager, Trinity Industries
Frank Woodley, CTP, Treasury Manager, Trinity Industries

Session Description

This session will explore strategies Trinity Industries employed to automate their accounts receivables processes and deliver better business performance. These corporate treasury practitioners will explain how automation not only drives efficiencies by accelerating cash, but also mitigates risk, strengthens visibility, and optimizes the order-to-cash working capital cycle, among other benefits. The panelists will also share their thoughts on how moving from a zero rate interest environment impacts working capital and business strategies for improving their overall bottom line.

Moderated by a receivables industry expert, Treasurers will learn new steps they can apply in their daily work streams that will pay off in efficiencies over time.