The Changed Landscape for Short-term Investing Post SEC Money Market Fund Reform

Tuesday, April 4th
Room Lone Star B
8:30am – 9:45am
Intermediate – FP&A Renewal Credit

Kevin Stibora, Treasury Director, Hewlett Packard
Scott Wachs, Executive Director, Global Head of Product, Morgan Stanley

Session Description

The final phase of SEC Money Market Fund Reform went live in October, 2016. Leading up to this event and beyond, institutional cash investors have been facing a number of new challenges investing and diversifying their cash holdings in the short-term space. As a result of these reforms, there was a significant migration of assets out of Prime Money Market Funds and into Government Money Market Funds and alternative short-term cash investment products.

This session will explore the enduring impact money market fund reform has had on the short term markets. It will also examine the evolution of products and investor reaction to these new products and features.   The question “where did all the assets from prime money market funds end up?” will be answered.

Industry practitioners will participate by providing their perspectives on how they been impacted by the new landscape for short term investing, what are they are doing differently now and has their approach to cash segmentation changed.

The presentation will educate participants about the shifting market landscape, how investment offerings have been evolving and how the cash investor is adapting their investment strategy.