Working Capital Optimization = Automation

Monday, April 3rd
Lone Star C
11:30am – 12:30pm

Jim Nelson, Managing Senior Vice President, U.S. Bank
Suzanne Hall, VP, Cash Manager, Leggett and Platt

Session Description

Everyone wants you to optimize but what does that really mean to you and your organization? Automation is the foundation for all your efforts and you’d be surprised at the money you are leaving on the table as you run toward current trends and ignore the processes already in place. Come listen to strategies for cementing your process foundation before you add a second story to your financial house.

Participants will understand the nature of various types of optimization efforts and what they really mean in regards to change versus automation. They will also have good direction for where to start the change process and the right strategies for laying the proper foundation for change implementation. Any treasury management personal considering changes in the organization would benefit from attending this course.