New Payment Technologies – Are the New Kids on the Block Going to Push Aside Today’s Payment Models?

Tuesday, April 4th
Room 201
1:45pm – 3:00pm
Executive – FP&A Renewal Credit

Doug Carlson, Director; Global Payments & Deposits Platforms, Global Transaction Services, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Session Description

The abundance of news these days about the promise of exciting new advances in payments technology such as blockchain, APIs, real time payments, has caused many to speculate that today’s older payment technologies are headed for obsolesce. Indeed with the impact of millennials demanding ultra-convenience and mobile everything, it is reasonable to imagine the best solution is to start fresh.

Not so fast. Traditional payment processing is the backbone of $73 + T (1) of world commerce – and will not change overnight. What the next generation of payment models will encompass is a blend of the old and the new.

Join this session to hear a perspective on which new payment models will make the cut and which will be historical footnotes? How are banks and organizations planning ahead to strategically blend the old and the new?