Foreign Exchange Risk Management: Are You Prepared?

Monday, April 3rd
9:45am – 10:45am
Advanced – FP&A Renewal Credit

Ron Waliczek, Managing Director, OTC FX & Interest Rates OTC, FX & Rates, INTL FCStone

Session Description

U.S. companies continue to explore the options of selling, sourcing, or building resources from around the globe. While these initiatives are well planned, exciting, and potentially profitable, the one variable often overlooked is the volatility of a foreign currency. In just two weeks after the 2016 Presidential election, the USD index rallied nearly 5%, and since May of 2016, it has appreciated nearly 10%!

Foreign Exchange Risk management can be a simple process to eliminate volatility and protect both margins and cash or it can be a complicated incorporating various models, hedging products, and large teams of treasury professionals. We are going to begin the “Hedge School” by identifying the most common FX exposures, how they impact the company, and solutions to manage those risks.