Cash Management Tune-Up: Investment Products and Strategies

Monday, April 3rd
Room 201
2:30pm – 3:30pm
Executive – FP&A Renewal Credit

Tony Carfang, Managing Director, Treasury Strategies
Ian Rasmussen, Senior Director, Fitch Ratings

Session Description

After money fund reform corporate treasurers are faced with increasing choices in alternative investments from government money funds to bond funds to separate accounts. Investors will need to weigh various features of these investment products with their own cash management strategies and whether investment policies and cash segmentation strategies need to be re-evaluated.

This discussion will provide an update for corporate treasurers and treasury professionals on alternatives available for managing cash.

  • Government vs Prime MMFs and alternatives – discussion of the characteristics of each
  • Structuring cash and building a long-term strategy – what are industry trends for building a successful investment strategy?
  • Significant market developments that will further impact cash investing – Basel III, interest rates, EU reform

At the same time these changes are happening, corporate treasurers are facing a host of other challenges impacting cash management, including low yields, bank regulations, and a shortage of supply. Staying abreast of these changes and strategically adapting are critical.

This session will focus on concrete comparison of various cash management products, and important ways investment strategies can be updated to reflect the new cash management environment.