Session 3

2:30pm – 3:30pm

Cash Management Tune-Up: Investment Products and Strategies (X) (F)
Tony Carfang, Managing Director, Treasury Strategies
Ian Rasmussen, Senior Director, Fitch Ratings

Understanding the Supply Chain Finance Landscape (I) (F)
Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner, Strategic Treasurer

Effective Cash Forecasting: Less Complicated than You Think! (I) (F)
Enrique Calderon, Executive Director and Assistant Treasurer, Fluor
Jeff Diorio, CCM, Director, Treasury Strategies
Thomas Gavaghan, Manager, NORAM Presales, Kyriba

The Emerging Digital Payment Experience: Transforming Value for Consumers (I)
Steve Riddell, Senior Manager of Payment Strategy, Active Network
Greg Schaub, Managing Director, Merchant Services, J.P. Morgan

Out with the Old, In with the New: What to Look for in an ePayables Partner (I)
Meitra Aycock, VP, Commercial Credit Product Management, Comdata
Susan Kittrell, Controller, Chuy’s

CTP – Review of CTP Calculations (B)

FP&A – Applied Statistical Tools: Descriptive Statistics and Trend Analysis (I)