Insurance – Balancing the Costs, Risks and Rewards of Crucial Insurance Policies and Captive Insurance

Monday, April 3rd
Lone Star A
11:30am – 12:30pm
Advanced – FP&A Renewal Credit

Philip Blais, Senior Vice President, RT Specialty
Todd Fredella, Senior Vice President, Cadence Insurance
Becky Kruse, Vice President, Cadence Insurance
Moderator – Reed Moraw, President, Cadence Insurance

Session Description

For many companies, insurance represents a significant cost and thus CFOs, as the principal insurance buyers at small and mid-sized companies, are intently focused on how well and cost-efficiently their companies are protected against loss. Collectively, rising insurance costs, a modest economic recovery over the past several years and greater precision around risk management have elevated insurance planning among a CFO’s top strategic considerations. This session explores ways businesses can effectively manage insurance costs while improving business resilience.

Experts will discuss three key policies with the most significant bottom line impact:

  • business interruption
  • cyber liability/crime
  • employee benefits

Generally, these policies are not standard nor are they well understood amidst an ever-changing exposures and a dynamic insurance market. Emerging risks; complex exposures; insurance policy terms, conditions and provisions; as well as key factors and issues to consider in the purchase of cyber liability/crime and business interruption coverages will be addressed. Participants will gain insights into the key factors and metrics to consider in the evaluation, benchmarking, and choice of limits and providers of these crucial policies.

In addition, creative employee benefits plans will be explored against a backdrop of soaring healthcare costs that are forcing many companies to offer minimum value plans that simply meet the Affordable Care Act’s affordability test.