Detailed Agenda

Sunday, April 8th

11:00 – 2:00pm TEXPO® 2018 TopGolf Open
11:00 – 5:00pm Conference Registration

CTP & FP&A Exam Preparation:

All CTP Essential Learning sessions are presented by:
Dubos Masson
, PhD, CTP, CertICM, President, The Treasury Academy
Tyrone Gant, CTP, Associate, The Treasury Academy

All FP&A Exam Prep sessions are presented by:
Dr. Matthew Hill, CMA, CTP, FP&A, Director, Arkansas State University Center for Treasury and Financial Analytics

1:00pm – 3:00pm Essential Learning for CTP Candidates (B)
Dispelling Misconceptions about the CTP Exam, How ETM is Created, and How the CTP Exam is Developed
FP&A Prep Course (I) – Introductions and a Review of the FP&A Material and Exam Basics
3:15pm – 5:00pm Essential Learning for CTP Candidates (B)
Banks & FI’s, Payment Systems & Relationship Management & Vendor Selection
FP&A Prep Course (I) – Financial Statement Analysis: Basics, Ratios, and Financial Planning

Executive (X)   |   Advanced (A)   |   Intermediate (I)   |   Basic (B)   |   FP&A Renewal Credit (F)

Each session title includes a designation for the level of material presented. An explanation of each level and the prerequisites for that session level can be found on the “Professional Renewal Credits” page.

NOTE: An Essential Learning for CTP Candidates session and an FP&A Exam Prep session are included during each session period on Monday and Tuesday.


Monday, April 9th

Round Table
General Session
Session 1
Session 2
Key Note
Session 3
Session 4
Evening Party


Tuesday, April 10th

Round Table
Session 5
Session 6
Key Note
Session 7
Session 8