Join us for our expert panel discussion on Crypto. In this session, we have gathered 4 crypto experts to discuss all things Crypto including where Crypto is today and where it’s going. These experts include Brian Orme, Blockchain Becky, Carlo Capua, and Kathy Roberts. Each of them took a different path to get involved with Crypto and bring unique insights into this discussion.

Brian Orme is the CEO of Anomali Ventures and facilitates a monthly crypto group called Abundance Intelligence briefings. His gatherings are where many people go to expand their crypto education, find a crypto-centric community, and learn of the latest trends in the ever-expanding crypto ecosystem.

Blockchain Becky is a crypto mining expert who has over 130 miners running around the clock. She mines over 3 hundred thousand crypto rewards every single day. This single mom became blockchain expert turned her initial investment of $9,000 into multi-millions. Today, she is passionate about helping others get started on their own crypto journeys.

Carlo Capua is the Chief of Strategy and Innovation for the City of Fort Worth, Texas.  In April of 2022, Fort Worth became the first city government to mine Bitcoin. Carlo works on cutting-edge and exciting projects like Blockchain, Metaverse, World Cup, and other special projects. Carlo’s job is to peek around the corner to imagine the world in 10,20, or 30 years and begin the planning NOW.

Eric Skeldon built a multi-million dollar business and exited to go into entrepreneurship and has a passion for marketing, NFTs, emerging tech, blockchain, and creating systems of innovation to help people live the life they love.

These experts are coming together to share their unique perspectives on the crypto market, how they personally got involved, and what the future holds for blockchain-based technologies. This is going to be a fascinating discussion with experts who have a hand on the pulse of the Crypto industry. This discussion is moderated by business legend Michael McIntyre who built a 3 billion dollar company from scratch and now coaches others on business growth. This is a session you don’t want to miss.