Over the last 18 months, Cinemark Theaters has embarked on an important initiative to automate the cash handling processes within their estate of movie theaters.   While still in its early stages, this program has already had a considerable impact on Cinemark’s business and theater operations.  Cinemark and Tidel would like to present this program to the attendees of TEXPO 2019 who might share an interest in how a premier movie theater brand drastically changed its cash handling procedures to create a new business environment based on greater transparency, accountability, and improved labor usage – all of which enable a better customer experience.

In this presentation, Cinemark will cover:

  • The importance of establishing KPI’s to measure a program’s success, particularly in the early stages
  • A step-by-step review of all parties and processes involved in getting the program ready to launch on Day 1
  • The importance in understanding there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for cash automation – particularly for companies with diverse store footprints
  • The importance of contingency planning
  • How Cinemark leveraged various cash automation solutions to tailor the right solution for each theater
  • How cash automation has helped Cinemark create an environment based on greater transparency and accountability
  • How cash automation has helped Cinemark move their managers out of the back office and back onto the floor, enabling them to help employees become better servants to their customers
  • How Cinemark’s transformed business is better equipped to address movie theater demographic of today.