The RTP® network is meeting the increasing need and expectation for on-demand, immediate digital payments. And, it is helping to overcome obstacles related to today’s remote/gig workforce by providing immediacy, clarity and control to processing checks and payroll. The benefits of digital immediacy are even more apparent and important during the pandemic, and this session will explore real-use cases that show the integral role RTP capabilities are playing in ongoing business resiliency — and business as usual — plans.

Learning Objectives:
– Explore how RTP capabilities are being used for payroll to address the increasing worker expectation to get paid in real-time — work today, get paid today
– Learn how RTP can help employers with one-time payroll events (like termination or bonus pay), while also adding more flexibility and safety to the process
– Get an update on how RTP capabilities can help optimize and digitize back-office operations that are working remotely, and what other ways can it be used in a business resiliency plan.