Tuesday, April 10th
Houston C
1:45pam – 3:00pm

DeLise Cuadra, Treasury Manager, Arby’s
Laura Null, Treasury Services Consultant, BB&T

Session Description

Managing receipts at point-of-sale can be challenging, especially for businesses with numerous stores. Fortunately, smart safe technologies have helped to streamline field cash operations. However, seldom discussed are the unique back-office treasury challenges created by these solutions. Arby’s will share best practices in managing a smart safe program and reveal how to best deal with post-implementation hurdles. We will examine how treasury operations are impacted from both a day-to-day as well as strategic perspectives. We will discuss the importance of adding headcount to the treasury team to monitor and manage the program, deal directly with banking partners, couriers, general managers, and area supervisors on a regular basis. Treasury must ensure all communication channels function properly and that change and cash orders are received and processed in a timely manner. Attendees will learn about the role treasury has in training and educating managers in the field to ensure efficient use of the technology. We will also explore the importance of planning prior to implementation and being inquisitive with vendors about day-to-day management during rollout. Arby’s will share future goals for taking full advantage of the efficiencies enabled by smart safe technology.

Session Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a better understanding of treasury challenges and responsibilities following a smart safe implementation
  • Obtain practical and actionable insights into day-to-day management of a program and how to ensure it meets an organization’s strategic objectives.