This is the perfect time to check in on and tune up your professional branding. A professional brand is one’s promise to one’s target market and establishes a lasting impression in the mind of one’s potential clients, customers, colleagues, centers of influence spheres of influence. It differentiates a professional from others and positions the professional among his/her/their constituents.

The session will include an analysis of current state, confirmed by checking in with a trusted advisor on career development, certification, academic background, and job title.

  • Defining a career objective, and short term and longer-term career goals
  • And movement toward a desired Future State: Defining and implementing a marketing plan, capitalizing on social media.

Join career treasury management industry champion, connector, marketer and trainer, Laurel Egan Kenny, President of Turningpoint Communications for an upbeat and dynamic workshop style session that will be both strategic and hands-on instructional, leaving attendees with specific instructions on how to enhance their social media presence to bolster their professional brand.