Tuesday, April 10th
Houston C
3:30pm – 4:45pm

Laurel Egan-Kenny, President, Turningpoint Communications
Andrew Witkoff, CTP, Chief Business Development Officer, Turningpoint Communications

Session Description

The client is always right! Right? Well, if clients had their way, bankers would approach client relationships very differently. For example, bankers would make things easier, be proactive, an advocate and an expert, easy to like and trust, know the bank’s core competencies and offer comprehensive solutions. In some cases, clients know they have it pretty good! Their bankers practice exemplary relationship banking, are client champions and have worked hard to put their clients first. Sometimes their intentions are misunderstood. Clients from varied backgrounds tell tales out of school about their preferences of bankers’ approaches and styles. And bankers speak to client experiences gone well and those that went terribly wrong.