Same Day ACH is on track to deliver 175 million faster payments in 2018.  Yet ever since Same Day ACH went live in 2016, however, corporate treasury and payment practitioners have been asking for enhancements:

  • sooner funds availability
  • higher dollar limits
  • later deadlines for sending Same Day ACH payments.

Now, NACHA and the ACH Network are delivering all three of these enhancements.  Speakers from NACHA and JPMorgan Chase (representing NACHA’s Rules and Operations Committee) will tell the story of how corporate input made these change a reality, and how the ACH Network will bring these enhancements to market.

Attendees at this session will learn the scope of the changes to Same Day ACH

  • the most common, and the most surprising, use cases for Same Day ACH payments
  • best practices for implementation and pitfalls to avoid

insights into the future roadmap of Same Day ACH.