Cryptocurrencies have soared from a single white paper concept (Bitcoin, 2008) to a cultural phenomenon. People’s interests have grown from disinterest to heavy speculative short term investment since then, and now many are even carving out significant portions of their retirement portfolios for these assets. Cryptocurrencies are also attracting corporates from a financial supply chain and investment perspective, thus bringing a whole new and incredibly diverse group of players into the arena. This session is for those who want to learn more and speak intelligently at a high-level to management and their peers about this topic.Learning Objectives:
To enable attendees to:
– speak intelligently at a high level about the topic
– understand some of the major assets and what they are based on
– the current and potential impact on our business and personal lives
– recent, high level regulatory impacts
– what impacts the market (sentiment & fundamentals), and where it’s headed in 2022.