The data systems of any international company are capturing, generating and storing millions of bytes of data every second of every day, with the amount growing exponentially over time. Nowadays companies can capitalize on the extensive data at their disposal, in which the full implications are yet to be fully understood. Yet most companies still rely on outdated technologies, so they are confined by its data reach and limitations. One of the many areas that has the potential to improve is Cash flow forecasting, more specifically the unconquered area of Dark Data.

This session is aimed at treasury departments who struggle to find the right information. We show where the data is hidden and next steps involved in making the data tangible. Next, we take a closer look at what possible hidden data could be amassed from the current crisis. Furthermore, we show that by looking into the potential of Dark Data, it allows to create a data analysis to a higher quality than ever before resulting in a bridge between finance and the other business departments.