Lynne Marlor will moderate a panel of three diverse organizations that are building and implementing USE Cases using blockchain and its digital transformative technology. Panelists will include Liz Tanner from the State of RI who will share details of building a Digital Identity for the State or RI; Maryanne Morrow from 9th Gear, a Fintech startup that is turning FX trade on its head enabling near real time and verified trading and settlement; Kristin Michaud from LiquidX who provides the industry’s leading technology solutions for digitizing, automating and optimizing trade finance and working capital.

The panel will do a deep dive into each of these three USE cases and share the challenges and transformative power that blockchain and distributed ledger technology will inspire as we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Learning Objectives: Corporations and financial firms will learn how the distributed ledger technology (blockchain) is being utilized in government, supply chain and financial transaction settlements. Advanced and senior managers will be interested in the use case examples.