Monday, April 9th
State 2
2:30pm – 3:30pm

Natalie Robinson, Treasury Management Officer, Amegy Bank
TBA Corporate Co-Presenter

Session Description

After Hurricane Harvey, we discovered many companies were not only displaced due to physical damage but did not have contingency plans or procedures in place. This presentation will explore different strategies around contingency planning and preparedness for organizations in the event of a natural disaster. The session will outline the importance of online banking, electronic payments, dual authorization and fraud attempts in critical times. We’ll conclude with industry-wide banking tips and best practices, developing a plan and post-disaster recovery strategies. We’ll also explore alternate options for receivables when the Post Office or courier services have been directly impacted and in response, interrupts daily business flow.

The presentation will include trivia about natural disasters as well as an opportunity for the audience to text responses relating to their organizational procedures and preparedness.