A primary role of CFOs and Treasurers is to raise capital to fund the business. Before going on a roadshow to pitch your story to investors, finance leaders require data to create a view that’s independent from banker presentations to analyze recent comparable issuances, fees, tenors rates, covenants, bookrunner selection, legal advisors, and more.During this session, we will showcase how data and intelligence can be used to create this independent view. We will also discuss how your company can use this data to be more opportunistic in the capital markets, optimize your balance sheet to fund M&A activities, raise or refinance debt capital, or explore IPO or secondary offerings to fund your business.

We will also present the latest research from ION Analytics, a leading provider of proprietary capital markets data and software solutions to investment firms, investment banks, advisors, law firms, and corporates, and demonstrate how it can create actionable value for you.

Attendees will learn how to:
– Use data to drive insights to enrich capital planning and capital structure management
– Be proactive when considering future debt issuances
– Better understand the market and be better informed for bank discussions and selection
– Transform how corporates think about, evaluate, and alter the capital structure, and drive down the cost of capital.