Tuesday, April 10th
Dallas 2
8:30am – 9:45am

Jon Madsen, Vice President, U.S. Bank
TBA Corporate Co-Presenter

Session Description

Same Day ACH, Zelle (ClearXchange), and Real-Time Payments offer opportunities to quickly, efficiently, and securely distribute and receive payments. It’s important to critically think through the impact on a companies’ working capital strategy. We will explore the potential impact on working capital that these new payment technologies create by discussing the benefits and the risks associated with a defective deployment plan.

Attendees will learn about the key considerations when contemplating the deployment of Same Day ACH, Zelle, or Real-Time Payments on their working capital strategies; the risks of process confusion, inefficient reconciliation, and payment fraud as well as approaches to avoid each; and how to develop a plan to ensure that they are positioning their organization for success with these new innovative payment technologies, should they intend to utilize them.