Monday, April 9th
Dallas 1
11:30am – 12:30pm

Craig Jeffery, AAP, CCM, FLMI, Managing Partner, Strategic Treasurer

Session Description

Forecasting is always ranked near the top of the list of initiatives that treasurers plan to work on, but rarely is it number one across the industry. This session will focus on a few key elements of forecasting:

  • what are others doing with regard to forecasting
  • how are people improving their forecasting and
  • the top methods you can take to improve your forecasting.

This session will draw on an annual industry-wide survey on the topic and the presenter’s experience in forecasting and in helping many companies improve their liquidity planning.

Learning objectives:

  • How others are forecasting
  • What process/technology best enables improvement in a forecast
  • Steps to improve your forecasting accuracy.