Businesses are over-billed more than $100 billion a year in credit card processing! You might think, “Not me. I’m sure I have a good deal.  My processor told me I have the best rates and the best deal available.”

This session explains how the lack of regulation makes it easy for processors to simply just take the money right out of your bank account.

In this session, attendees will learn about:

  • Deceptive billing tricks
    • Bundled Billing
    • Bucket Billing
    • Enhanced Billing
    • Zero Markup Billing
    • Keeping Debit Rebates
    • Keeping Interchange Rebates
  • What your processing rates should be
  • How credit card processing works – who gets paid what and why
  • Interchange fees and upcoming changes
  • The financial impact of using the wrong processing method
  • How to spot “hidden fees” and “made-up fees”
  • How to surcharge the easy way.”