Despite being the most important function for treasurers, traditional Cash Forecasting delivers inaccurate and unreliable results even in the short term, rendering them unsuitable for decision making at an executive level. In addition to unreliability, the process is highly inefficient with treasury teams spending the majority of their time compiling the forecast, leaving little to no time for variance analysis and accuracy improvement. However, by leveraging Artificial Intelligence algorithms exclusively built to forecast cash across all cash flow categories, the cash forecasting process has been fundamentally redefined, including the way Treasury professionals process and use the forecast. With AI, treasurers are able to increase the types of data sources leveraged and variables analyzed, replace Excel-based models, increase the frequency of forecasting and ensure that every forecast is subject to variance analysis to help improve accuracy over time.

Join this session to deep-dive into how Artificial Intelligence improves Cash Forecasting by:

  • Delivering highly accurate forecasts across all operating & non-operating cash flow categories including A/R and A/P
  • Automating the generation of forecasts at individual department, unit and regional level as well as rolling up these forecasts into the central level
  • Automatically improving the accuracy of the forecast through continuous variance analysis and optimization at all levels
  • Taking treasurers into the digital age where they spend time only on analyzing the output instead of manual tasks.