Opening General Session Keynote Speaker

Becky Leathers AKA Blockchain Becky

Crypto Expert

Blockchain Becky is not what you expect to see in a Crypto expert. Without any tech background, this single mom defied the odds to become a blockchain expert. Becky used her newfound knowledge to become a crypto miner and was able to turn a $9,000 investment into millions, making her a crypto-millionaire by the end of 2021. Blockchain Becky currently owns millions of coins and tokens in different cryptocurrencies. She also mines thousands of rewards every single day just by using software-based miners. She currently has 140 miners working around the clock on autopilot.

Today, Becky coaches others on how to get started with their own crypto businesses without massive mining machines, without being a tech genius, and without raising their energy bill through the roof. She specializes in helping others learn how blockchain technologies actually work in simple and easy-to-understand language. It is her passion to help others overcome their intimidation of the crypto space. She believes: if she can do it, then anyone can!

Becky has always had an adventurous spirit which has led her to constantly try new things. She has been a show producer on America’s Got Talent and most recently is a producer for MBA productions which highlights entrepreneur stories. Becky is a living example of how cryptocurrencies can be used to pay for your dreams. She is on a mission to help 15,000 individuals become crypto millionaires in the next 5 years to pay for their own dreams.