CTP – Money and Capital Markets (B) “• ETM5-Ch 05: Money MarketsETM5-Ch 06 • Capital MarketsETM5-Ch 13 • Short-Term Investing and Borrowing •ETM5-Ch 19: Long-Term Investments
This session opens with a discussion of the basics of money and capital markets and how they function. The session continues with coverage of the different money market instruments and techniques used for the short-term working capital needs of the company. These include descriptions of different types of money market securities, as well as how these instruments are priced, yields are calculated and investments managed. Also included is coverage of short-term financing from the borrower’s perspective, including the calculation of the costs on bank lines of credit and commercial paper. The session continues with the coverage of the long-term side of financial and treasury management. The different types of securities discussed include: coupon bonds, convertible bonds, preferred stock and different forms of common stock. The procedures involved in the actual issuance of these securities are covered as well as the role of investment bankers in the process. The session continues with a discussion of the calculations involved the pricing, valuation and yields of long-term securities. ” Tyrone Gant, CTP, SVP, Director of Treasury Management Vector Bank Please see Sunday 1:00pm