Tuesday, April 10th
Houston B
8:30am – 9:45am

Paul LaRock, Director, Treasury Strategies
Petrina Rauzi, Assistant Treasurer, Navistar International

Session Description

Analyzing your banking spend is as important – and pesky – as ever. Statements stretch dozens, sometimes hundreds, of pages. The 2,000+ AFP codes sometimes defy comprehension. Yet this is how your company pays for banking services. Navistar and Treasury Strategies will discuss how taking control of your account analysis statements will help you:

  • Examine account structure and services for strategic improvements
  • Understand your wallet allocation – balances, services, credit
  • Enhance bank relationships
  • Respond to variances
  • Incorporate best practices and benchmark pricing
  • Untangle compensating balances, balance assessment fees, nominal and effective ECRs