Managing cash globally comes with a unique set of challenges for corporate treasury staff, such as limited ACH addenda in Canada, CLABE numbers in Mexico, bank drafts in China, payment purpose codes in India, or something as simple as adding or removing signatories in the Middle East. Each country and region is unique, and HQ treasury teams have a daunting task to manage and centralize one of the most important assets to an organization: cash! During this session, in addition to exploring ways to address the above challenges, attendees will also gain an understanding of how to structure letters of credit to maximize risk mitigation; learn to identify risk areas that should be considered with letters of credit; and get a country-by-country review of common letter of credit practices.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn several best practices for managing cash globally
  • Tour the world through a review of country-specific cash management considerations
  • Hear firsthand experience from a corporate currently navigating these environments.