As consumer behaviors continue to change and evolve, so too do the needs of employees when it comes to how they are paid and what they expect from employers in support of their financial wellness. Often when it comes to adopting new methods of pay for employees, the biggest hurdle isn’t technology or culture—it’s navigating the complexities of federal and state compliance. With the federal government and 50 states each dictating their own (sometimes conflicting) requirements, it can be challenging for to best serve the needs of their employees, while mitigating compliance risk.

Join our panel discussion, including thought leaders and industry experts from ADP, Visa and Charter Communications, to explore insights on the future of pay and best practices to navigate federal and state compliance complexities. Learn how your company can leverage pay as a competitive advantage when recruiting the next generation of workers, while mitigating compliance risk.
Attendees will:

  • Learn how different generational cohorts value flexibility and choice in pay
  • Discover the range of pay options available related to employee and employer priorities
  • Gain perspective on the pay card federal and state compliance challenges and best practices
  • Be able to align pay and pay card strategies with talent recruiting and retention objectives.