Tuesday, April 10th
Dallas 2
10:30am –  11:45am

Michael Morin, CFA, Director, Institutional Portfolio Management, Fidelity Investments
Paul Christensen, AT&T

Session Description

This session will offer insight on balancing safety, liquidity and return through aligning liquidity segments with appropriate investment objectives and constraints that prudently structure corporate liquidity to opportunistically benefit from a shifting environment in which products, rates, and regulations continue to evolve.

Prudent liquidity management starts with cash forecasting that drives liquidity segmentation. Once the segments are defined, investment objectives and constraints are aligned to create the basis of a strong investment policy. To further strengthen participants’ understanding, we will explore the applicability of investment alternatives with a specific focus on prime money market and ultra-short bond funds. The presentation will examine product risks and explore total return as a performance measure.

While a general overview may suffice for many topics, the devil is in the details regarding the management of corporate liquidity. Understanding the fine nuances within the liquidity markets may enable corporate managers to better assess the risk/return dynamics of these strategic liquidity alternatives.