2:30pm – 3:30pm

Treasury from a Blank Canvas – The Art of Spin-off Planning, Execution and Transformation (X)

  • Rhonda Kruman, Executive Director, Corporate Treasury Consultant, J.P. Morgan
  • Kevin Weber, Director of Corporate Finance and Assistant Treasurer, Arcosa
  • Frank Woodley, Senior Treasury Manager, Arcosa

Turning Data into Dollars: Merchant Services Developments (I)

  • Mark Richmond, Product Marketing Group Manager, Zion’s Bancorporation
  • Doug Schrock, Vice President, Relationship Executive, First Data

How Zurich Leveraged AI to ‘Insure’ Better Customer Experience and Reduce Dependence on BPO (A)

  • Tisha Clausell, Treasury Operations Manager, Zurich
  • Sandy Telles, Vendor Governance Manager, Zurich

From LIBOR to SOFR: An Unexpected Journey (A)

  • Don Sinclair, CFA, Head of Capital Market, World Bank
  • Garret Sloan, CFA, Director, Short-Term Market Strategy, Wells Fargo Securities

Do You Have The Right Banks? (I)

  • James Brunnquell, CTP, Senior Vice President, Phoenix-Hecht

Faster Payments: Bridging the Gap Between Consumer Experiences and Business Expectations (I)

  • Scott Jones, PMP, VP, Product Manager, Real Time Payments, PNC
  • Michael Riggin, VP, Banking; Chief Risk Officer & CCO, Global Holdings

Unleashing the Potential of Your Treasury Management System (TMS) (I)

  • Karl Larson, Senior Analyst, GameStop
  • Donald Yarbrough, Account Manager, GTreasury

Review of CTP Calculations (B)

  • Tyrone Gant, CTP, Senior Vice President, Director of Treasury Management, Vectra Bank
  • Dubos Masson, Ph.D, CTP, CertICM, President, The Treasury Academy

FP&A – Applied Statistical Tools: Descriptive Statistics and Trend Analysis (I)

  • Dr. Matthew Hill, CMA, CTP, FP&A, Director, Arkansas State University Center for Treasury and Financial Analytics