4:00pm – 5:00pm

The Fiduciary and Financial Risks of Deferred Compensation for Executives (X)

  • Phillip Long Vice President, BB&T
  • Hans Schreiber, CFP, CTFA, Senior Vice President, Professional and Executive Advisory Group, BB&T Wealth
  • Corporate Co-presenter TBA

Best Practices in Debt Compliance (A)

  • Jeff Wallace, Managing Director, Debt Compliance Services

Your Data for Hire and Sale: A Marketer’s and a Hacker’s Perspectives (I)

  • Laurel Egan Kenny, President  & CEO, Turningpoint Communications
  • Andrew Ostashen, CEO, Vulsec

Managing Operating Cash in a Rising Interest-rate Environment (I)

  • Tom Meiman, CCM, Managing Director, BNY Mellon
  • Corporate Co-presenter TBA

Optimizing Working Capital: Benefits of Joining a Supply Chain Finance Program (I)

  • Michael Stitt, Executive Director, Head of Trade and Supply Chain Finance, JP Morgan
  • Corporate Co-presenter TBA

CTP – Money and Capital Markets (B)

  • Tyrone Gant, CTP, Senior Vice President, Director of Treasury Management, Vectra Bank
  • Dubos Masson, Ph.D, CTP, CertICM, President, The Treasury Academy

FP&A – Applied Statistical Tools: Risk and Capital Budgeting (I)

  • Dr. Matthew Hill, CMA, CTP, FP&A, Director, Arkansas State University Center for Treasury and Financial Analytics