President, Delorean Motor Company

Driving DeLorean to a New Future

Tuesday Lunch Keynote

Roger Dartt has been in senior corporate management for the past thirty-five years.  During that time he has started, purchased, merged and sold over a dozen companies both private and public.

Currently, Roger is President of Delorean Motor Company, headquartered in Houston and serves on the Board of Directors of Deblin Healthcare Associates, a large provider of mental health care services.

Initially, he worked as an Industrial Engineer for large corporations as Owens-Illinois, Bristol-Myers, and PepsiCo. After obtaining his MBA degree, he became President, CEO of nine companies in the medical, dental, electronic and specialty retail markets. For the past twenty years, he has been a corporate turn-around CEO helping companies during growth or turn-around opportunities.

For the past ten years, Roger has also been teaching business and management courses at three universities.

Roger grew up in Minnesota and received a BA degree from Duke University and an MBA degree from Xavier University