Managing corporate payments efficiently, affordably and getting real-time visibility to cash positions has become more difficult due to increasing merger and acquisition activity, multiple payment types available, multiple locations, decentralized business processes and disparate legacy systems that do not support new business requirements. It is now common for a company to operate multiple ERPs and TMS’s across their various locations and affiliates, which will further complicate the payment landscape.

This session will present the channels, technology and what corporates have been implementing to execute their domestic and international payments. It will also cover:

  • Payment factory and in-house bank structures
  • How to eliminate the need to log into multiple platforms
  • Standardizing the workflow while having robust controls and audit trails
  • Securing payment processing
  • Aligning your treasury technology to your payment business requirements
  • Building a business case for a payments project.

The audience will learn about all aspects of planning a payment initiative and valuable tips to consider when implementing the program.