Session 2 | Texpo Conference

Case Study – Driving Treasury Efficiency at MoneyGram (I) (F)
Survey of Escrow Agency and Related Services – Their Use in Risk Management and Corporate Finance Activities (A) (F)
Panel – ROI of Diversity and Inclusion – the Changing Landscape of our Workforce (X) (F)
Would You Recommend Your Bank To A Treasury Colleague…or not? (I)
Panel – Cyber Wars – Combat, Defense, Strikes, Response & Recovery (I) (F)
Redefining the Fundamentals of Cash Forecasting With Artificial Intelligence (A) (F)
Making STP truly Straight Through Across the Enterprise (I) (F)
CTP – Financial Statements, Analysis & Decisions (B)
FP&A – Capital Budgeting Continued and the Cost of Capital (I)
Timely Insights on the Future of Worker Pay & Talent Management (I) (F)

NOTE: Session Handouts available where indicated

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