Session 2

Treasury & Tax – How to Achieve BEPS & Transfer Pricing Compliance? (X) (F)
When Disasters Are a Given – Will You Be Prepared? (I) (F) (G)
Forecasting Mastery in a High-Rate Environment (I) (F)
“I can see clearly now!” – The Use of Business Intelligence (BI) to Get a Clearer Picture of My Data (A) (F) (G)
Jumping in the Deep End – It’s Time to Develop a Strategy for Emerging Payment Channels (I)
Liquidity is Relevant Again! (I) (F) (G)
Timely Insights on the Future of Worker Pay & Talent Management (I) (F)
CTP – Financial Statements, Analysis & Decisions (B)
FP&A – Capital Budgeting Continued and the Cost of Capital (I)

NOTE: Session Handouts available where indicated

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