Session 3 | Texpo Conference

The Robots Are Coming to Treasury. What does it mean for You? (I) (F)
Trends and Global Events Shaping Emerging Markets – Brexit, Coronavirus, US-China Trade (A)
Smart Treasury – Applying RPA, AI and DLT to Treasury (X) (F)
Cyber Threats & Crisis Management – Is Your Company Ready? (I) (F)
Looking Towards 2020: The Emergence of a New Decade in Short-Term Investments (I) (F)
Paving the Way for the Future of Pay (I) (F)
Providing Strategic Advice to Clients on Moving to the “Cloud” (I)
Review of CTP Calculations (B)
FP&A – Applied Statistical Tools: Descriptive Statistics and Trend Analysis (I)
Unleashing the Potential of Your Treasury Management System (TMS) (I) (F) (G)
Do You Have The Right Banks? (I)
Faster Payments: Bridging the Gap Between Consumer Experiences and Business Expectations (I)

NOTE: Session Handouts available where indicated

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