Session 4 | Texpo Conference

Do Androids Dream of Electric Spreadsheets? AI-powered Cash forecasting (I) (F)
Leveraging Technology to Achieve Optimal Results (A) (F)
Leveraging NIST to Manage Cyber Risk (X) (F)
Global Trade, Finance and Risk Mitigation (I) (F)
Optimizing Your Operating Cash Amidst Continual Interest-Rate Fluctuations (I) (F)
Real Time Payments: They’re Real, and Magnificent (A)
Protecting Public Funds Held by Financial Institutions – Collateralization and Safekeeping Services (I) (F)
FP&A – Applied Statistical Tools: Risk and Capital Budgeting (I)
CTP – Money and Capital Markets (B)
Managing Operating Cash in A Dynamic Interest Rate Environment (I) (F) (G)

NOTE: Session Handouts available where indicated

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