Session 4

The Fiduciary and Financial Risks of Deferred Compensation for Executives (X) (F)
Best Practices in Debt Compliance (A) (F) (G)
Your Data for Hire and Sale: A Marketer’s and a Hacker’s Perspectives (I) (F) (G)
New Techniques for FX Risk Management (A) (F)
Corporates Ask for “Sooner, Higher, and Later” Changes to Same Day ACH Payments (I)
Managing Operating Cash in A Dynamic Interest Rate Environment (I) (F) (G)
Optimizing Working Capital: Benefits of Joining a Supply Chain Finance Program (I) (F)
CTP – Money and Capital Markets (B)
FP&A – Applied Statistical Tools: Risk and Capital Budgeting (I)

NOTE: Session Handouts available where indicated

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