Session 6 | Texpo Conference

The Way We Pay – 2020 and Beyond (I)
Keys to the Kingdom: Total Authority / Too Little Oversight (A)
The Remarkable Rise of ESG within Cash: Making Sense of the Investment Landscape where Values Meet Cash (X) (F)
Everything You Wanted To Know About the LIBOR to SOFR Transition but Were Afraid To Ask (A)
Staying Ahead of Fraud Trends: Commercial Card Management Best Practices (I)
Next-Generation Commercial Payments: Automating the Corporate Payments Supply Chain (I)
Travel into the Future with Virtual Travel Cards! (I)
Retail Industry Roundtable Discussion (I)
CTP – Advanced CTP Math (B)
FP&A – Cost Accounting Topics: Variance Analysis (I)
FinancialViz: Visually Communicate Financial Results and Analysis (I) (F)

NOTE: Session Handouts available where indicated

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