Tuesday, April 10th
Houston B
10:30am – 11:45am
Advanced, FP&A Renewal Credit

Brad Brown, President, Austin Commercial
Hank Mulvihill, Director and Senior Wealth Advisor, Smith Anglin Financial

Session Description

Texas has been dealt a great hand. With phenomenal population growth, a diverse corporate portfolio, and a wealth of natural resources, this session will focus on the economic impact of market changes. The exponential growth in both corporate and individual residents has increased the demand for commercial buildings, corporate campuses, private housing and public infrastructure. The speakers will share how this increased demand has impacted the construction market. They will also share how Texas fits into the broader United States and compares to the economic measures of other states. They will also cover the recent regulatory and tax reforms, administrative impact on the economy, and market influences and the impact on Texas. Our state stands out from the rest of the country and for good reason, everything’s bigger in Texas!