Ardent Mills, the largest flour producer in North America, was created as a joint venture from ConAgra and Cargill four years ago and had an aggressive deadline to move all processes to homegrown systems. Given the new ERP with limited functionality, the A/R team had to rely on a large number of contract-hires just to manage day-to-day operations in collections, cash application, and deductions. In this session, they will explain why they chose to put all eggs in one basket with a cloud-based integrated platform for order-to-cash to move to fully automated operations with just 50% FTEs.

Key takeaways:
• Incorporate an integrated O2C platform for A/R team, customer service and sales to improve collaboration and productivity
• Achieve 90% straight-through processing for checks and EFT line items
• Improve productivity in collections and deductions by leveraging AI and RPA based solutions.