Monday, April 9th
Dallas 1
2:30pm – 3:30pm

Julie Boston-McGrath, Senior Manager, Hospitality Operations Support Team, Southwest Airlines
Candice Curry, Vice-President and Manager, BOK Financial
Chris Purpura, Vice President, Customer Service, Neiman Marcus Group
Joe Stallard, Chief Human Resources Officer, Sewell Automotive

Session Description

We have all heard about the benefits of excellent customer service and we love to receive it, but what is the real cost to providing this service? What cultural changes are necessary for an organization to elevate customer service? How do organizations that are noted for their customer service increase the visibility of their service to the executive level?

Join us to hear directly from a few of the renowned customer service organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex on the keys to their success. They will discuss how their customer service programs directly impact the bottom line revenue for their organizations, for example, higher expenses for employee training and retention. It is one thing to say you provide excellent customer service, but when it comes to the economics, is it worth it?