Monday, April 9th
Houston A
9:45am – 10:45am

Rueben Daniels, Founder and CEO, EA Markets
Robert Imershein, President, EA Markets
George Goeke, Senior VP and Treasurer, AT&T, Inc.

Session Description

AT&T is a firm of superlatives in just about every category of corporate finance. The company’s banking relationships are extensive with more than $20bn of bank capital sourced from a broad group of over 35 global banks. Join the SVP & Treasurer of this Dallas based leading company in a fireside chat focused on the art of building and maintaining bank relationships. Hear the trends from one of the most sophisticated corporate Treasury departments, and learn how these insights can be applied by C-suite executives to the success of their companies. The conversation will be moderated by the founder of a leading independent capital markets investment bank active in bank capital arranging for public and private companies of all sizes.