Monday, April 9th
Houston C
9:45am – 10:45am

Steve Bernstein, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan
EdaBeth Brown, Director Global Payment Strategies and Operations, AT&T

Session Description

Given that many consider payment operations a 24×7 job, these practitioners provide a roadmap of both day to day and longer-term strategies. Optimizing payment operations to function and succeed in the current day environment requires constant management of risk policies. Managing fraud mitigation, formatting, and enhancing straight-through payments are a priority.

This session will share how ATT has optimized receivable payment and remittance, Payable conversion from check and wire to ACH, and the tools leveraged in order to re-order the playing field when managing corporate and consumer payments. They will share best practices in achieving nearly 100% straight-through processing in their operations, both from a bank and client facing perspective.