While banking institutions are heavily regulated by governments to prevent money laundering, financial crime, and other risks associated with money management, fintechs are a major legislative blindspot. This has allowed bad actors to take advantage of these gaps to creatively avoid the prying eyes of law enforcement and involve fintechs in their nefarious deeds, either wittingly or unwittingly. Bernard Beck, former Royal Canadian Mounted Police financial crimes investigator and current Chief Compliance Officer for AscendantFX Capital, will outline the issues with current compliance regulations and legislation, and provide suggestions to improve these countermeasures to financial crime. Furthermore, he will outline how this legislation, counter to popular belief, can encourage more fair competition in the industry while driving greater growth, fostering trust, and protecting clients.

Attendees will learn the dangers of lax legislation of fintechs, how to protect your organization, and how to implement compliance best-practices.