Recently, the payments landscape has evolved with new schemes like Venmo and Zelle, faster options and even a new payment rail. ACH has added new windows to speed up processing and The Clearing House has developed the first true Real-Time Payment network (RTP) in the US. Each Payment channel, be it Wire Transfer, Cards, Check, ACH and now RTP has unique characteristics and can appeal to different use cases. This session will explain recent changes to the ACH as well as new Same Day ACH processing enhancements and the new Real Time Network and how these options will help you, your business and your clients transact faster and smarter.

Session Outcomes: Attendees will learn about How Same Day ACH has changed payments and what the uses case is. Attendees will learn about the first new Payment Rail in the US since the development of ACH, called RTP or Real Time Payment and how this channel is evolving.