In the radically changing economic environment, treasury is both central and critical to many of the key tasks facing the treasurer and CFO – managing FX risks, ensuring the availability of credit, driving working capital efficiency, and restructuring banking relations to work in a shared services environment. This evolution reflects the increasing complexity of business and the need for technology for treasury to respond to heightened expectations.

Treasury Management Systems have come a long way since their introduction in the early ’90s when they were only implemented at large corporates, but the change hasn’t gone far enough. Many companies, both large and small, find that they are not getting significant value in return for the time and money they have invested. New technology is disrupting treasury just like other areas of our life and will significantly change the value of a TMS.

Join this session to understand the alphabet soup of technologies, the future of treasury, and the technologies that will enable the treasury department to partner with the business more effectively than ever before. Come learn about the future of Treasury technology.